Sunday, May 15, 2016

Webinar JEO Bonus


Webinar Jeo Review

Webinar JEO is here to serve you the most effective full service webinar platform. additionally provides you with several marvelous options. It continually hopes that you just will exploit fully functions of Webinar to serve your job the most effective.

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What is Webinar JEO?

It's a full service professional webinar software solution designed and bought to the market by Wal Bayliss. Wal Bayliss is an online entrepreneur, a professional software developer, and an internet marketer. He was designed and released a number of amazing software's into the market.

Why is it for me?

 If you are looking to sell things online running a webinar directly to your customers and leads give you an upper hand over your competition. Once you get your sales funnel up and running you can run your webinar and have your potential clients asking questions while you go and you get warm them up to your offer which will result in high conversion rates.  

What does the software do? 

Webinar JEO has a number of features which are: Setting up a webinar: with a few clicks of your mouse you will have your own webinar setup in multiple time zones and formats. Webinar recording: You will be able to setup video recording of your webinar which will be saved right to your own hard drive. Design registration pages: With the software you can design your own registration pages. There was also some pre-designed pages which can get you up and running very quickly. Whiteboard overlay: With the white board design you can draw or add text right over top of your pre-made slides live.

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 Additional features: 

One touch Go Live and share screen buttons. 
Easy webcam to presentation switch 
Chat boxes which are clustered to chat along 
Easy Mute function Easy replays to use at a later date.

Webinar Jeo Bonus

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